Well, that just put me over the top . . .

As I continue to allow this blog to unfold and naturally evolve, I can’t help but going back to the “first things first” reasoning behind this blog. As the days (and corresponding posts) go by, I will do my best to present my case as to why I am doing this blogging business in the first place. I’m learning the basic mechanics of actually physically organizing it, which includes all of the functions of the WordPress platform. (I might add that there’s plenty of cool stuff, but I still have much to learn.) In viewing blogs that other folks are producing, I see lots of interesting content andNorthern horizon II a variety of layouts, with many of them looking really spectacular with clever wording along with the horns and whistles! I know that I will probably embellish my own site as I continue “learning the ropes”, but I feel at this point that I’ll probably keep mine on the simpler side, which is a reflection of the direction of my own life – simplifying and removal of clutter. Having said this, this does not mean that I am becoming complacent and unproductive in this second half of my life. In many ways, I am feeling a new surge of energy and resolve in my life as I focus my life-force into working with kindred spirits to address issues of justice and peace in our society. This is reflected in the company that I keep, my longing for more solitude, my perpetual commitment to lifelong learning, and the continued deepening of my prayer life. More details will come later . . .

Thus, to address the title of this post, just what “put me over the top” in making my decision to establish a blog? In many ways, a lifetime of events has occurred which has brought me to this point of where I am and who I am. One of them was the establishment of my own LLC a few years ago which focuses on education, spiritual direction, retreat facilitation, corporate training in leadership development and diversity/equity issues, and international agricultural development; anKeep Calm and blogd I know that it wtolerance1[1]ould be beneficial to “put myself out there” through a variety of media. However, there were two recent events which really gave me the final nudge to launch this effort. First, I received an invitation from WordPress a few weeks ago to take part in a month-long e-course, “Blogging 101”. Although this piqued my interest, I still wasn’t totally sold on the idea. However, soon after that, I was made aware of a news item which occurred in a major U.S. city which I found to be quite unsettling and embarrassing. It was reported via print and video that one established societal group in that city was publicly exhibiting disrespect and intolerance against a more recently arrived group of people of a different culture who were engaged in a peaceful, educational program to a legislative body. It was at that point that I decided that I could no longer remain silent. However, the reader will see that my style of engagement is within the realm of education and dialogue and not harsh confrontation; in other words, building a bridge. Through building non-threatening relationships, I firmly believe that we can establish peace.

Oops, I hope that I haven’t gone too long . . .


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