Brad Leger II - CompressedBradley Leger, M.S., M.P.S., Ph.D. is an educator, spiritual director, retreat facilitator, liturgical musician, international development consultant, and social justice advocate. He has experience with diversity and equity efforts on the university level and has worked with a number of boards and organizations which facilitate community, leadership, and economic development. The foundation of his work embraces the tenets of equity, access, and opportunity for all. Through this blog, he really hopes to be able to connect with kindred spirits: those who thirst for a non-violent, just world where all are welcome at the table; fellow contemplatives who are unafraid to meet the world as it is and to integrate one’s spirituality with these realities; those who are interested in growing and evolving as a whole person through studying different types of spirituality, prayer forms; and companions on this journey who are willing to engage in civil discourse about justice and peace issues.

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