What’s this all about?

I’ve been giving this blogging thing lots of thought: 1) in what manner should I articulate my thoughts and, 2) to whom am I writing and what would we discuss? Who would I like to have in my list of faithful readers? Who would even be interested?

Gentle rainThe answer to #1 came a couple of days ago during the early morning hours as I was preparing to engage in an important component of my morning ritual, which is centering prayer. As dawn was breaking, it was accompanied by a slow, comforting, soothing rain. Yes, I thought, this is how I wish to express myself – like a gentle rain which slowly soaks into the soil, helping to sustain life. Rather than communicating my bull-in-china-shop-iclip[1]thoughts like a hurricane, bulldozer, or the proverbial “bull in a china shop”, I hope that my words and ideas will gently soak into the very soul of the reader, providing nourishment, solace, peace, and fruitfulness. Of course, my words may also challenge the reader to think about life’s issues in a new way (maybe an occasional downpour?).

Now, what about question #2? Most certainly, I would be willing to share my thoughts with anyone who is willing to read my words. However, as I mentioned in my first entry, I really hope to be able to connect with kindred spirits: those who thirst for a non-violent, just world where all are welcome at the table; fellow contemplatives who are unafraid to meet the world as it is and to integrate one’s spirituality with these realities; and those who are interested in growing and evolving as a whole person through studying different types of spirituality, prayer forms and through civil discourse diversity[1]about issues for which we have a passion. Yes, this list will evolve as this blog and I continue to evolve.

So, any takers???

2 thoughts on “What’s this all about?

  1. This is your first BLOG! This is fantastic. After thinking about your words i like your metaphors and your clarity; i like the asking of questions and then answering them. have a good weekend. Stay warm.


  2. I too have been contemplating the why and who I’m blogging for question. I began my blog
    https://bermaguitreechange.wordpress.com to keep family and friends informed after we’d moved. Now my blog is changing as our plans for the future are becomming clearer, so as the dust settles, I’m hoping my audience will be those that love nature, that want peace, moments out of the rat race, and healing. In the meantime, I’m wanting to connect to people into permaculture, the bush, owner builders with the environment at the fore…..so what am I doing here? What you are doing is very interesting.


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